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AkuraiGeo Plugin

AkuraiGeo uses a different approach for geo-location detection. Instead of getting an IP address and looking it up in a database to get the user’s country, this plugin just uses an already available request header value that returns the user’s country code directly.

Speed – As you can imagine, doing an IP lookup on every request can be less efficient than having the data already there and just using it. With AkuraiGeo your pages will be as fast as they are.

Privacy – This approach not only makes it way faster than other options, it’s also very privacy-friendly. No IP information is gathered or saved anywhere, as the plugin simply doesn’t have it.

Cloudflare – Country/geo location information is provided by Cloudflare, so no need to update any database or anything, you can be 100% sure the geo location data is as accurate as it gets.

Geo Targeted Table

The above table should display the following reviews to users from different countries:

  1. USA – 32Red, Bet365
  2. GB – Bet365, Jetbull
  3. CA – Jetbull, MobileBet
  4. AU – MobileBet, MrGreen
  5. NZ – MrGreen, MyBookie
  6. ZA – MyBookie, Novibet
  7. IN – 32Red, Novibet
  8. ES – Bet365, Jetbull
  9. Rest of the world – 32Red, Bet365, Jetbull, MobileBet, MrGreen

Geo Targeted Content

If you’re viewing this page from a US, GB, CA or AU IP address, you should see a paragraph above this text. Users from other countries should see just a heading before this paragraph.